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Functional training for children

30 January, 2024 / 12:11

At the Cortijo Alto tennis school we carry out complementary activities to the teaching of tennis, such as functional training for children, thus stimulating both the physical development of our young athletes and the learning and values that they can get from this magnificent sport.

What does functional training consist of?

Functional training seeks to achieve a routine that is useful for any type of person, but… why is it important? This type of exercise will make it easier and safer for you to carry out everyday activities in your day to day life, which is perfect for our little ones to enjoy to the maximum!

Objectives of functional training sessions

At Cortijo Alto we know the importance of sport in our daily lives, but… How can functional training sessions help our children?

#1. Improve muscular coordination

One of our children’s favourite activities is playing, that’s why functional training is fundamental for their development. Not only will it have health benefits, but it will also allow them to do their favourite activity in the best way possible… playing!

#2. Increase strength and endurance levels

This increase is achieved through exercise performed with the body’s own weight (always controlling the correct execution of the movements, to avoid any kind of discomfort and/or injury), which is why performing these exercises accompanied by an expert is essential!

#3. Strengthen movement patterns

There are many movements that we use in our day-to-day life such as walking, running, jumping, bending, picking up, throwing, etc. This is why functional training plays a fundamental role for our children, allowing them to have more fun than ever before!

#4. Correct possible postural alterations

Functional training is perfect for correcting this type of alterations that can cause problems in the development of our children. The most common ones are knee valgus, the correct position when walking, the support of the foot when walking, etc.

Important movement patterns to work on

In relation to the above, there are certain movement patterns that are present in the daily life of our children that are important to work on. But… We’ll tell you all about them!

#1. Walking

The aim is for children to correctly perform the walking technique. To do this, walking exercises associated with everyday activities will be carried out.

#2. Running

The running technique is somewhat more complex than walking and there are usually more alterations throughout their lives in running, which is why it is very important to work on it.

#3. Holding/reaching

These two terms are closely related to each other. By working on these qualities, children will be able to increase their muscular coordination and perception.

#4. Crouch

This is a gesture that is present in many of our daily activities and is repeated on numerous occasions. It is important that children learn to bend down correctly, maintaining the physiological curvature of the spine, which will lead them in the future to a better posture and avoid back problems.

#5. Throwing

Throwing objects must be done carefully and following the correct technique. As it is a gesture that is performed with the arm, the shoulder joint is the main joint in charge of the throwing movement and at the same time it is one of the most unstable joints in the body. In addition, different types of throwing will be taught (overhand, underhand, etc.).

#6. Jumping

Correct jumping technique can prevent possible alterations and/or injuries to the hip, knee and ankle.

#7. Pushing

With exercises that do not contain significant load for children, it is essential because it is a basic activity that we find in our daily lives.

Enjoy all the benefits of functional training

Whether you want your child to perform daily activities with greater ease or to prevent injuries… functional training is the perfect choice. functional training is the perfect choice for your little one! What are you waiting for to get started?

Functional training is not just for children

Functional training is an essential activity for all ages, and what’s more… you can get fit while your child trains! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! Contact us to enjoy all the benefits that sport has to offer.

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