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Surely you’ve heard about functional training at some point and wondered if practicing this type of training is right for you.

But, what exactly is functional training? And what are the main benefits of practicing it? Read this article and clear up all your doubts.

Remember that at Cortijo Alto Sports Center, besides being a tennis club, we are also a functional training center.

What is functional training?

Functional training is much more than just physical exercise. It aims to improve the functionality of the body in everyday life.

Functional training focuses on movements that mimic daily activities: lifting, pushing, pulling, rotating… This strengthens the muscles used in these activities and, at the same time, improves coordination, balance, flexibility, and stability.

Undoubtedly, it provides a very comprehensive workout for those who want to work their body as a whole.

6 benefits of functional training

Among the main benefits of functional training are the following:

#1 Improved functionality

As its name suggests, functional training improves the body’s ability to function efficiently in daily life.

By working on different movements, specific muscles are strengthened, allowing for greater ease and effectiveness in performing daily tasks.

#2 Injury prevention

Functional training helps prevent injuries by strengthening muscles. Additionally, by improving stability and coordination, the risk of falls and other similar accidents is reduced.

#3 Development of a strong core

With functional training, we focus on strengthening the core, which includes abdominal, lower back, and pelvic muscles.

With a strong core, you will maintain proper posture, prevent back injuries, and improve performance in a wide range of physical activities.

#4 Increased stability and balance

Many functional exercises challenge the balance and stability of the practitioner, helping to strengthen stabilizing muscles and improve the body’s ability to make controlled movements and maintain an upright position.

#5 Training efficiency

By working several muscle groups at the same time, functional training helps maximize workout time.

Compound movements that work different parts of the body simultaneously are chosen.

#6 Mood enhancement and anxiety reduction

By doing functional training, you’ll spend enjoyable time exercising your body, which will make you feel better about yourself and happier.

Additionally, it can be an escape from work and everyday problems, reducing the anxiety that can come with them.

Who can do functional training

Functional training is beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Children can also do functional training exercises; in fact, it is recommended that they do so. It is a way to develop fundamental motor skills, improve physical fitness, and promote an active lifestyle from an early age.

For adults, it can be an effective way to stay fit, prevent injuries, and improve quality of life. It’s all advantages!

Functional training in Málaga

If you’re looking for a functional training center in Málaga, at Cortijo Alto Sports Center, we offer functional training classes for children and adults.

The classes are outdoors, fully guided, and in small groups. You’re the only one missing! We’re waiting for you.

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