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Are you thinking of signing up for tennis lessons? Congratulations, you’re about to make one of the best decisions of your life! Tennis lessons will not only improve your playing technique, but they can also become your favorite and most fun time of the week.
However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before signing up for a tennis school. Read on!

What tennis lessons are like

Tennis lessons can vary depending on the level, age and learning objectives of each session. Typically, however, all lessons are divided into warm-up, learning basic techniques, games and drills, strategy development and stretching.
The groups can be divided either by age or by level of play, and it is essential the presence of a professional to lead and guide the class, ensuring the control and learning of the whole team.

What you need to know before learning tennis

To begin with, a lot of desire to learn and improve every day! Apart from that, it is also interesting to pay attention to the following sections:

#1 Be familiar with the rules.

It is important to know, more or less, what you are going to face. We are convinced that you know the rules of tennis perfectly well but, if not, a review before coming will give you a plus on the court!

#2 The right racquet and shoes

You will need the right equipment for you and your lessons. As for the shoes, it is important that you choose the right shoes that will allow you to play sports without damaging your feet. Regarding the racquet, it will depend a lot on your level and use!

Don’t hesitate to ask us about which racquet best suits your needs, at the Cortijo Alto center we will help you with everything you need!

#3 Set goals

What do you want to achieve with your tennis lessons? Improve your tennis technique and be able to compete in the future? Have fun? Improve and be more competitive in your matches with friends? Get in shape? Everything is equally valid! But knowing what you want to achieve will help you approach your lessons one way or another.

#4 Enjoy the process

Along the lines of the previous point, it is more than important to enjoy the process regardless of the goal you have set for yourself. Tennis is a challenging sport, and there will be better and worse days – believe in yourself and lean on the whole team!

#5 Respect

Having respect for all your teammates regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or any other issue is critical to the world’s enjoyment of tennis lessons.

The Cortijo Alto center is a safe space for all types of people and measures will be taken in case of any discriminatory behavior towards a fellow student. Give a smile to your classmates and enjoy the sport in a healthy way!

Benefits of joining tennis lessons

Among the main benefits of signing up for tennis lessons, the main ones are:

  • Improve your technique. Get the best out of you and make the most of your tennis skills.
  • Improve your physical condition. By taking tennis lessons you will not only improve your game, you will also exercise and improve your physical condition.
  • Develop social skills. In tennis class you will be able to meet people with interests similar to yours.
  • Reduces stress. Thanks to the production of endorphins in the brain, you will reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It is a sport for life. Tennis can be played at any age and can be a fun and challenging activity for life.

Need more reasons, take the plunge right now!

Centro Cortijo Alto, the best tennis lessons

If you are looking for tennis lessons in Malaga, don’t hesitate to contact us at Centro Cortijo Alto! Professionalism, companionship and the best team are waiting for you in Malaga, find out more without obligation!

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