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Málaga is one of the sunniest cities in Spain. Located on the Costa del Sol, it is the perfect place to spend your holidays at any time of the year. However, Málaga isn’t only a Heaven on Earth for those who want to try our ‘tapas’ and cheap beer, this city is algo a thriving hub for tennis enthusiasts. 

In Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto, we want to make sure that your time in Málaga is perfect. And we know that there is no perfection without tennis, so, why don’t you try taking tennis lessons during your holidays? Keep reading!

Discovering the charms of tennis clubs in Málaga

Málaga captivates with its incomparable charm, fusing history, art and natural beauty into a vibrant symphony. From its fascinating past, represented by architectural gems such as Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre, to the artistic genius of Picasso, a native of the city, Malaga displays its cultural richness at every turn.

Its sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches, tennis club and welcoming local community create a unique experience.

Málaga is more than just a destination. It is an experience that you will never forget. Just like the city, tennis clubs in Málaga are special. You will find the best facilities and, above all, the friendliest people in the world ready to help you enjoy the best tennis.

Why Málaga is the perfect destination for your tennis lessons

These are some good reasons why Málaga is the best place to play tennis:

#1 Year-round tennis weather

Málaga enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, so it is the perfect place for tennis enthusiasts because you don’t have to worry about the weather. We are not saying that it never rains, but it will most likely be sunny.

#2 Good coaching

The tennis club in Málaga offers top-notch coaching services.  From professional coaches to personalized training programs, you will find the best option for you in your time in Málaga. 

#3 Cultural riches beyond the court

Málaga is not just about tennis. You will fall in love with a growing city that offers all the conditions to achieve the best experience for tourists. 

#4 Diverse tennis community

Málaga attracts tennis enthusiasts from around the world. Enjoy a tolerant, respectful and open environment.

#5 Top-notch facilities

At Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto we have the best facilities for you to enjoy tennis in the best possible conditions.

Choosing the right club for your tennis journey

However, what will certainly make the difference on your trip to Málaga, is knowing how to choose the best tennis club to enjoy your individual lessons, with your family or friends.

At Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto you will find a familiar and friendly atmosphere where we will listen to you, understand your needs and look for the best option for you.

Don’t hesitate and contact usHave an unforgettable stay in Málaga with Cortijo Alto. 

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