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Whether you are a big tennis fan or not, you may have at some point considered attending a tennis tournament, as it is a unique experience that anyone, regardless of their passion for the world’s most famous racket sport, would be able to enjoy. At Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto, in addition to offering tennis classes in Málaga, we are avid supporters of tennis tournaments.

Attending a tennis tournament: a unique experience

Immersing yourself in the world of tennis during the summer is more than just witnessing simple matches; it is being a part of the excitement and the sentiment that brings together so many people worldwide. The summer season becomes the ideal stage to enjoy elite tennis at some of the most prestigious events on the calendar, attracting fans and enthusiasts from around the world.

Tennis is much more than a sport; it is a passion that only those who feel it know how indescribable it can be.

The most important tennis tournaments in summer

Summer witnesses a series of tennis tournaments that illuminate the sports calendar, attracting prestigious players from around the world. Among all the elite tournaments held in these months, we highlight four:

#1 Wimbledon Tournament

Wimbledon is the most prestigious and oldest tournament in the world, recognized for its elegance, green grass, and tradition. Situated in the heart of London, it is a championship that becomes more captivating each year while preserving its historical surroundings.

#2 US Open

The US Open stands out as one of the most exciting tournaments. Held in Flushing Meadows (New York), this event is a spectacle not only of tennis but also of fashion and entertainment.

#3 French Open

It is distinguished as the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay courts. Located in Paris, the French Open attracts tennis lovers from around the world. Paris and tennis, is there a better combination?

#4 Australian Open

The Australian Open marks the beginning of the Grand Slam calendar and takes place in the city of Melbourne. The positive energy, innovation, and Australian hospitality make this event an unforgettable experience.

Why you should attend a tennis tournament

The reasons are plentiful! Attending an elite tennis tournament at least once in a lifetime is a dream for most tennis enthusiasts. The opportunity to witness tennis legends in action is a privilege that few sporting events can offer.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the opportunity to visit the city where the tournament is held. Share laughs and celebrate victories with tennis fans from around the world!

Tennis classes in Málaga

If, for now, your focus is on improving your tennis game in Málaga, Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto has the best coaches to bring out the best in you and your game. Contact us and get information without obligation! We look forward to welcoming you.

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