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Teléfono Centro deportivo Cortijo Alto
640 207 323
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Reservations: 640 207 323

Cookies policy

Our website centrodeportivocortijoalto.com uses cookies to acquire information relating to use of the website.

We inform you that we may use cookies to make your navigation of our website easier, to distinguish you from other users, to allow a better experience of the website and to identify problems that require solving to enhance our site. Moreover, with your consent, we will use cookies that allow us to obtain more information about your preferences and tailor our website to your individual interests.

Our current Cookies Policy has the goal of informing you in a clear and concise manner about the cookies we use in our website. Should you want to acquire more information about the cookies we use on our website, email us at: info@centrodeportivocortijoalto.com

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text fragment that websites you visit send over to the browser and allow the website to remember the information about your visit, your language preferences and other options, which can make your next visit easier and more useful. Cookies play a very important role and contribute to giving a better user experience.

Why are they important?

Cookies allow us to make the centrodeportivocortijoalto.com website a better, faster, safer website. Cookies allow us, among other things to:

  • enable certain functions.
  • provide a more customized navigation experience.
  • research, enhance and comprehend the use of our products and services.

What kind of Cookies do we use?

Statistical analysis Cookies:

These allow us to quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyse the use that our visitors make of our services. Thanks to this we can research the ways the website is navigated and enhance the offer of products or services.

Technical and customization cookies:

These allow us to manage certain aspects related to the current user’s session, allowing us to enhance the website experience, among others things they:

allow us to recognise the user’s language.
stop or make it more difficult to attack the website.
Allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in your pc through the option settings of your web browser.

How to do this:

  • Google Chrome
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  • Chrome for Android

If at any time you wish to rescind your consent to our current Cookie Policy you must delete the cookies stored in your computer on the options and settings menu of in your web Browser.

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