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In our workshop we can advise you what kind of stringing specifications will best suit your style of playing.

Stringing is a racket’s “engine”. The same frame restrung in different ways will perform very differently. It is vital to use the correct strings that will enhance both an individual player’s style and the characteristics of the racket.

Restringing prices for your racket

Type Prices
Synthetic Tournament -1.40 (orange, amber)  €12
Synthetic Gut – 1.35 €15
Kevlar Speed – 1.30 €15
Poly De Luxe – 1.28 1.33 (white, red) €15
Poly Plasma – 1.23 €18
Twister – 1.30 €18
Thunderstorm – 1.24 €20
Strings €8
Natural Gut To order

Types of string

Synthetic stringing


This type of string is composed of many filaments woven together in different ways. The most common materials are polyamide (PA), polyurethane (PU), etc.  They are used universally and adapt to all kinds of players.

Pros: They do not lose their reference tension, are powerful and comfortable, do not cause vibration, and protect the elbow. A comfortable string that is very flexible, perfect for the player looking for great touch and comfort.

Cons: Its durability is low compared to monofilament stringing.


These are polyester strings. The string is composed of a single filament. The shape of the string can be round, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal or decagonal.

Pros: This type of string generates more control over the ball and a bounce that allows the player more acceleration, lift and control of the ball. It grips the ball well and therefore generates more effects.
Cons: Quickly loses its reference tension, and generates more vibration.

Natural Gut

Without a doubt, natural gut is the best stringing. It offers both power and comfort, and represents the best option to preserve the elbow. It provides maximum flexibility and fast recovery after an impact. This helps gives more comfort and control of the ball.

Pros: It’s the string that offers the best comfort and power, does not lose tension and does not create vibrations.
Cons: High price and low durability.

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