Cortijo Alto Tennis Club’s main objective: Contribute to the training of sports men and women

Learn to play tennis and paddle

The tennis school was founded in the same year that the Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto foundation was created. Our main objective is the all-round development of players of all ages, helping contribute not only to their tennis skills, but also their physical and personal development.

From the start, our club has been popular with people of all ages and our student numbers have grown year on year. Each new season, we welcome back familiar faces who renew their trust in us.

Our school’s main objective is to establish a solid base.  Our focus is on students whose parents wish to offer them well rounded education. And thanks to our experience and methods, our students learn in a way that is as fun as it is efficient without having to train for hours on end. So our students have enough time to study schoolwork and learn other disciplines, all of the things that we as parents want for our child’s education.

We also introduce our students to competition, and many achieve good results, but we always try to convey reason.  Many have tried and failed, and along the way children have neglected their studies and become frustrated players, parents have gone bankrupt…
The premise of our school is to achieve obtainable goals, which is far from insignificant. We all know the educational opportunities that practicing sports in the school environment offers, and we take responsibility for and great pride in being able to guide our students in the behaviour and attitudes necessary to be a good sportsperson. At the same time, this has a positive influence on their performance in all aspects of life. In the words of the renowned educator and proponent of sports education and physical activity, José Mª Cagigal:

“… sport is a school for discipline, control, the habit of effort, self-improvement, accepting your limits, working as part a team, sportsmanship, respecting one’s opponent, knowing how to lose and respect the loser…”

Tennis school course.

The 2020-21 course begins 7th of September and will last until the end of June

Tennis lessons -

Children and young people's program

1, 2, 3 or more lessons a week (we recommend a minimum of 2 lessons per week), either 60 minutes or 75 minutes, depending on age. Students are grouped by level of skill and age. For most ages we have 4 different levels available. We have an average of 250 students per course, which allows this flexibility.

Courses by student age:

– Pre-tennis: 3 to 6 years (at least 2 skill levels available)

– Mini-tennis: 7, 8 & 9 years (4 skill levels available)

– Children: 10 to 13 years (4 skill levels available)

– Teens: 14 to 17 years (4 skill levels available)

Tennis lessons -

Adult programs

For students 18 and older


To establish discipline: Within the framework of the tennis school, two weekly lessons with fixed date and time, with a guaranteed spot. Choose between morning or afternoon times. Discounts when renting a court.


For students who need flexibility in their lesson times. If you work shifts, these lessons will interest you. Vouchers for 10 lessons (to test our service you can also buy a voucher for one lesson) with different timeslots available throughout the week and 3 different skill levels.

Tennis school -

Structure & Organization

Students receive one, two, three or more training sessions a week. Days available:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Throughout the week and at weekends we have novice, novice II and advanced.

Great motivation for our students

At weekends (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) a large number of students enjoy our lessons. They train by age group, but on 4 courts depending on their skill level, from novice to advanced.

This is planned so as to positively influence student motivation, as they can see how students of a higher level play on the neighbouring court and take them as an example to follow and surpass. This way, students know if they are making an effort and getting better when they make it to the next level. All of this, under the guidance and coordination of the school coaches and its principal.

Take part in our school league! You will be able to meet other players in an atmosphere of respect and fair play. Don’t think twice! Enjoy playing with opponents who share your skill level. For more information, feel free to ask in reception at the sports centre or by calling us on 952350540.


Sign up at any time of the year as we have groups of all ages and skill levels available… Do it in person and check out our facilities and services. Contact us online. We will send you an enrolment form and phone you to answer any questions you might have or adapt our services to your requirements.

Alternatively, if you wish to start at the beginning of the season, preregistration for new students starts on the 1st September at 9 in the morning…


Students that completed the previous year as well as those that have done summer camps with us who want to continue in the school the following year must inform our staff or phone us between 22nd to 31st of August. From the first of September onwards the places that have not been confirmed will be made available for new students.

The 4th of September we will have the lesson schedule for the previous year’s students. These students must call the sports centre to find out their schedule.

In-club youth league

The aim is for Cortijo Alto tennis school students to obtain constant competitive experience in an easy and economical way, using the centre’s own facilities.

This competition produces the school champion for each category. Students are classified by age and the champion is the winning player once the second round of all the divisions has been completed. This coincides with the end of the school year and the awards ceremony takes place at the end of year function.


This will start on 28th October and end midway through June 2021. There will be 7 divisions of players, categorised by age and skill level. Every season there will be two rounds so that during the course our students play an average of 15 matches.

After each round, the best players of each category will go up to the next level group. The matches will be played on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, taking into account family and player availability. At the start of each week, on the WhatsApp group created for this purpose, each player or legal guardian will communicate their availability to play, which will be taken into account on Wednesdays, when the weekend’s games are being programmed.


We are tennis teaching specialists, and we organize different courses of different duration and intensity for different student profiles. We include teaching and coaching in technique, tactics and physical training. We take special care to ensure the highest quality for our courses, and that is why we have small groups. This way, our students will be satisfied with the lessons and many of them stay with us throughout the long winter season

Cortijo Alto tennis school prices

Pre-tennis school

3-6 years

  • One lesson a week for: €17/month
  • Two classes a week for: €30/month  

Mini-tennis school

7-9 years

  • One lesson a week for: €24/month
  • Two lessons a week for: €40/month  

Tennis school for children 10-13 years

  • One lesson a week for: €30/month
  • Two classes a week for €52/month

Teen's Tennis School

14-18 years

  • One day a week costs €30/month
  • Two classes a week costs €52/month.

Tennis school extra activities


The Mini Olympics!

Every three Saturday afternoons, students from novice 1 and 2 levels will be able to participate in a free activity where we teach them to compete with a real sporting ethos, fostering self-improvement and respect.


The two things we like most!

Every three Saturdays our tennis school students meet up to play Winner (free activity) and order some pizzas… We play and have fun for an hour, and then enjoy some pizza!

A fantastic leisure alternative for teenagers… as well as for their parents!


Tennis + Friendship!

Imagine you are part of Rafa Nadal’s team and that throughout the day you have to play 3 matches against friends who have the same level as you, with whom you share a whole day of friendship, laughter, relaxation, chatting, food and of course, lots of tennis!

Vouchers for the tennis school

10 tennis lessons for adults at 5 different levels of play €75

For people whose shifts change or those who can’t maintain the same training session times, we offer group tennis lessons in the morning and/or afternoon

You won’t pay an sign-up fee, or a monthly fee, just the lessons you receive. You can buy a single lesson (recommended to try us out), and if you enjoy it we suggest you buy a 10 lesson voucher, as it will be more economical.

Sign up to our club’s tennis ladder league to meet other players of all levels. If you like,  and have the necessary skill level, join one of our club’s two teams who participate every year in the adult provincial amateur league, where we usually take first place…

Novice I

People who are taking up sport in general.


Evenings: from 19:15 to 20:30


Mornings: from 10:45 to 11:45

Novice II

People who have done sport and want to learn how to play tennis.


Afternoon: from 19:15 to 20:30
Evenings: from 20:30 to 21:30.


Mornings: from 10:00 to 11:15
Evenings: from 19:15 to 20:30.


Morning from 10:45 to 11:45.


Players who have begun advanced shots or want to improve them


Night: from 21:45 to 23:00


Evenings: from 20:30 to 21:30
Evenings: from 21:45 to 23:30


Mornings: from 10:45 to 11:45

Senior CLASS

Tennis classes for 65+

You can finally learn how to play tennis… Lessons adapted to your age and skill level.
We use materials and courts that are suitable for your physical capabilities and end lessons with stretching to keep you agile and in shape.
Morning lessons only
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