Alien Box

How do we train in Alien Box?

What are the best methods to develop your physical condition?

Functional training and Interval Training

Why do we use Alien Box for Functional training?

Because we apply global exercises that involve all the muscle groups in the context of our day to day movements: walking, running, jumping, going up stairs, pushing, dragging, climbing…

Why do we use the Interval Training method?

Because it allows for greater development at cardiovascular, metabolic, anaerobic and aerobic level than a continuous training method.

Short intervals of training at high intensity: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

In the 1950s, Emil Zatopek, the great Czech athlete nicknamed the human locomotive, proved the superiority of his athletic stamina by winning at both the 1948 London and Helsinki 1952 Olympics thanks to this training technique (he trained by running series of 400 metres).

But it was not until 1996 that Dr Izumi Tabata published the results of his studies into the effects of short, high-intensity interval training on the metabolism of athletes. The most famous interval method takes his name: the Tabata method. This consists of 8 series of 20 seconds of maximum intensity work followed by10 seconds of rest.

On the other hand, according to Dr Mercola, High intensity interval training (HIIT) can help offset deterioration related with the loss of muscle mass that comes with ageing…

If loss of muscle mass is ignored, it can easily provoke a health crisis characterized by not only the loss of strength, but also by accelerated ageing and a higher risk of chronic diseases”…

What is our Box?

Our Box is called AlienBox

It is an outdoor area of 250 square metres, with artificial turf, next to our tennis courts.

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How much does it cost?

Do you want to establish a routine discipline? Or do you need a flexible schedule?

You can establish the discipline of a routine schedule. But if you can’t come on the days you have set, you can always come on a different day. Or if circumstances give you no other choice, train on the last days of the month.

We also offer the possibility of irregular training sessions with our voucher system.

  1. Classes must be used within a calendar month
  2. The voucher (whether for 1 lesson or 10) must be used within 3 months of purchase.

When to train in Alien Box functional training?


  • Children: 7 to 10 years
  • Teens: 10 to 14 years
  • Youth: 14 to 18 years

1. Training takes place in different areas, with two trainers.

Other Activities in Alien Box


Short term goal

Motivation guaranteed as we put you to the test with exercises that will push you to the limit. Every other Saturday morning.


Mid-term goal

Fast-track championships to assess your physical condition. The winner is the person who scores points in the different WOD. Every 2 or 3 months


...And in the long term

We set a WOD to be completed. Depending on your results, you may win a spot in the classification table. The best results of the season will go on to the grand final.

Where does Alien Box functional training take place?

At the Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto facilities

How to get to Alien Box?

It is very well communicated as the location is 1 minute by car off the Málaga ring road that connects with all directions.

Free parking

There is always free parking space right next to Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto

What is the technical basis of Alien Box?

What physical capabilities are developed?

Strength, cardiorespiratory stamina, muscle stamina, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance, precision…

What equipment is used?

  • Olympic bars, disks
  • dumbbells
  • rings, parallel or fixed bars to work on body strength in suspension
  • vaulting box
  • kettlebells
  • medicine balls
  • rubber and elastic resistance bands
  • mats
  • ropes

Why functional training?

Because we use global exercises that involve all of the muscle groups used in the context of our day to day movements: walking, running, jumping, going up stairs, pushing, dragging, climbing…

What is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a series of training methods that share common characteristics: 

  • Work at short, high-intensity intervals (ranging from 80% to 100%) with short rests.
  • The training sessions do not last long due to the high intensity of the exercises.

Why do HIIT training at Alien Box?

  • Because it allows more development at cardiovascular, metabolic, anaerobic and aerobic levels than other continuous training methods.
  • High-intensity interval training notably increases the amount of fat your body burns. This is due to the fact that high-intensity exercise is anaerobic, that is to say, it produces oxygen debt (the more intense the exercise the higher the debt). Your organism needs to refuel the muscle and hepatic glycogen that has been consumed; synthesize ATP; eliminate accumulated lactic acid and defective cells. To do this, it obtains energy using the aerobic system through burning fats. And the more intense the exercise, the more intense and lasting the effect.
  • In an aerobic training, your body reduces the production of anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormones and increases production of the catabolic hormone, cortisol, to consume muscle mass. However, with high-intensity intervals, muscle mass is not lost, as the production of anabolic hormones (which spark off the metabolic processes of building larger molecules from smaller ones) increases, and catabolic hormones diminishes.
  • According to Dr Mercola, high intensity interval training – HIIT – is one of the most significant ways, as it the most efficient and effective, and it can also be practiced to achieve weight loss. 

How should we do HIIT to eliminate fat?

In order to maintain an appreciable burning of fat, HIIT must be performed:

  • at a minimum, with a work-rest ratio of 2:1 (for example: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest) 
  • at a maximum, with a work-rest ratio of 1:4 (for example: 15 seconds of work and 60 seconds of rest)

HIIT can be practiced 2 to 3 times a week, and must be supplemented with other types of training.

What are the different HIIT methods that exist and which will we use?

Interval training and traditional circuit training following the most recognized HIIT method: the Tabata method.

What is the Tabata method?

(1): Functional: all-round work, whether sprinting, pedalling, rowing, pushing, pulling,..

According to Dr Tabata, the improvement is not only anaerobic, but also aerobic and is higher than what could be achieved with exercise that take 10 times longer than the 4 minutes used in the Tabata method. Fat consumption with this method is 3 times higher than training that consists of continuous running, thanks to the hormonal response and payment of oxygen debt. 

Other methods are Little-Gibala for running and cycling, and Timmons for cycling. 

What does the AMRAP training consist of?

By definition, it consists of doing as many rounds and repetitions as possible. It is another form of HIIT exercise.

Our trainers, uses it extensively in the Alien Box functional training.

What is an EMOM training?

This acronym stands for “Every Minute on the Minute”. Depending on how it is applied, it can be a HIIT or a HIT exercise.

A certain number of exercise repetitions within a certain time. If you finish before the time is over, the remainder is taken as a rest. 

This is also practiced in our BOX.

Do we employ the FT?

This stands for “For Time”. A certain number of repetitions of an exercise in the shortest time possible.

Of course, in Alien Box.

Why do we use cross-training even though it is considered HIT?

The cross training method is considered HIT rather than HIIT because the speed of performance is not high, and it includes a wide variety of exercises in the same session. We employ it because it also produces excellent development for sportspeople in cardiovascular, metabolic, anaerobic and aerobic terms. The features are similar to those of a 30 minute circuit training (there is no set time, it can be more or less) with functional exercises performed at a normal pace that last 60 seconds, with a 30 second rest. We use this because we can rest between repetitions, which is why it does not have the potential side effects of a high-intensity exercise.

Why do we use NOT use HIT (High Intensity Training)methods?

Power 90 Extreme (shortened to P90X) and Insanity are 6-day-a-week training methods (with the subsequent risk of overburden and overtraining) and carry the risk of injury that is common to all systems where cardiac rhythm is high or sustained.

We do not use cross fit either, although we do use similar methods. We try to avoid muscle adaptation at the same time as adding an element of surprise to the exercises.

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